BIG Weekend Coming!

The Mechanic (a remake but it looks good) and Ip Man 2 are in theaters on Jan. 28th!

Ip Man and Bruce LeeBoth movies Ip Man (aka Yip Man ranked 39th) and Ip Man 2 (aka Yip Man 2 released in 2010 ranked 97th) made the Top 100 in’s recent “Action 100” Project.

According to Wikipedia, the first movie, Ip Man, “loosely based on the life of Yip Kai-Man, was released in 2008 and starred Donnie Yen as the martial artist. The film takes a number of liberties with Yip’s life, often for dramatic effect. Yip’s oldest son Ip Chun appeared in and served as a consultant for the film. The film focused on Yip’s life during the ’30s and ’40s during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The film was the first to be based on the life of Yip. The sequel to the film focuses on Yip’s beginnings in Hong Kong and his disciples, who included Bruce Lee.”

“For Ip Man 2, the filmmakers intended to focus on the relationship between Ip and his most famed disciple, Bruce Lee. However, they were unable to finalize film rights with Lee’s descendants and decided to briefly portray Lee as a child.”

Yip Man died in 1972 at the age of 79 from throat cancer.

Bruce Lee died in 1973 at the age of 33 from, “a hypersensitivity to the muscle relaxant (meprobamate) in Equagesic . . .. According to autopsy reports, his brain had swollen considerably, from 1,400 to 1,575 grams (a 13% increase).”