The AOBG Action 100 Project

They Live glasses worn by Rowdy Roddy Piper showing Alien face in the reflectionThe deadline for submissions to the Action 100 Project has been extended to December 25th. You can submit 101 or just 10 or anything in between. Then you get to vote on them on this scale:

The All Outta BubbleGum Rating System

1.0 = Epic Failure. Reserved For Irredeemable Shit Bombs.
2.0 = Might As Well Watch The Life Time Channel
3.0 = F.U.B.A.R.
4.0 = A Struggle Ensues To Not Commit Harri Karri
5.0 = Better Than A Kick In The Face With A Steel-Toe Army Boot
6.0 = The Goblet Is Half Full—But It Tastes Like DudeSweat
7.0 = Better Than Bad, It’s Good
8.0 = Bona-Fide Bad-Ass
9.0 = Like An Afternoon Of Kicking Ass And Eating Cheeseburgers With Stallone
10. = 150% Mother Fucker. Epic. The Personification Of Cool