Can You Get FaceTime for Android?

It may seem like anticlimactic but that’s the truth; FaceTime is owned by Apple and we don’t see it coming to Android anytime soon. Apple is well known for protecting their own apps and software and they have a history of almost never releasing first party software for other competing devices.

Unless Apple’s hardware business goes completely belly up, we don’t see FaceTime for Android becoming a reality anytime soon. We completely understand why you would want FaceTime for Android though, it’s a remarkable piece of software and Apple has done a marvelous job of keeping it updated and polished for the years. However, not all is lost though, there are some pretty amazing alternatives available on Android as well. While they may not be as streamlined as FaceTime or as recognizable, they do provide a quality service and experience, so it is always worth to move on from one piece of software to another, especially if it’s not even available on your preferred platform.

Writer’s Note: As you cannot get FaceTime for Android, you might as well get competent alternatives on Android and start connecting with people that matter and not apps. Even though I personally really liked the whole look and feel of FaceTime, I found the freedom that Android provides is more valuable than being locked into a single ecosystem. The best FaceTime alternatives for Android are not in any particular order.

Google Duo

    GoogleCommunication Free If you are one of those people who want the “official” experience all the time, then Google Duo is the best FaceTime app for Android. I say “FaceTime” but what I actually mean is a video chat app. Google brings their signature look and feel to the video chatting world and actually delivers an exceptional looking app that is easy to use. I’ve used the app for a while now and it has one of the best video call quality there is. And it is also very reliable, works perfectly on Wi-Fi as well as on data. Even when videoconferencing the app remains stable and provides clear and crisp video and audio. It one ups FaceTime by being a cross-platform video call app, so no one is left behind. “Knock Knock” is a great feature that allows you to see the caller before you pick the call. Overall this is the best FaceTime alternative for Android. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    SkypeCommunication Free Skype has been around for a long while and has seen a lot of changes over the years. Skype app is one of the most reliable video chatting apps around and it is also one of the most consistent ones. However, the app feels a little heavier in usage than other apps in the same genre, but we can chalk it up to its interface. Calling someone on Skype is easy, reliable and depending on your Internet connection, stable. I’ve used Skype across multiple platforms and it performs just as well on Android as it does on PC. Apart from video calls you can easily send text messages, photos, voice messages and videos to your contacts. We really loved the Add-Ins feature that allows you to send files and photos without leaving the chat; making it a convenient app for work-related tasks. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    imo,imCommunication Free If you’re looking for a secure and reliable app that has end to end encryption even on video calls, then IMO is one of the best apps around. The app allows you to send free and unlimited messages to your contacts over almost any connectivity. Even on 2G the app works great, although the video chatting has a reduced picture quality on slow Internet. IMO is also a great app for video calls with family and friends because of its stability and low data usage. The app also offers extremely fast photo and video sharing features with blistering upload speeds. If you’re into stickers then the app also have hundreds of cute stickers for you to liven up the chat. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    LLC MailCommunication Free ICQ is one of the most fun video chatting apps to use, especially when your friends are also included in it. You can easily do group calls that can last hours without feeling bored, but that depends on how silly your friends are. The app has a very light design and looks extremely pleasing to the eyes. The video quality is great and the app offers securely encrypted calls for security. However, we really love the ability to create your own stickers, works great if you have embarrassing photos of your friends on your smartphone to make stickers out of. Although we did have a few dropped calls, but I can easily blame my bad Internet on that. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Cover art SOMA

    Instanza Interactive LimitedCommunication Free Make free video calls without any restrictions on this great app. it is a free messaging app that is custom-designed to make communications easier between friends, colleagues and family. You’ll be able to instantly send funny stickers, edited pictures and text messages to people you care about. All text messages and photos are permanently deleted immediately after delivery. The messages which are not delivered are expired and removed after 7 days. The app never stores your messages on any servers either. This combined with end to end encryption makes SOMA one of the most secure apps to have conversations on. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    GlideCommunication Free Glide is not a conventional video calling app for Android, however it does offer some great video sharing capabilities. It is a live video streaming app that makes it easier to share moments as they are happening with your family. You can easily adjust the audience of your live broadcast, so nobody other than people you want can view it. You can also review the videos before you send them, if you’re not into live streaming. Sharing videos with friends and family is fairly straightforward and easy. The video quality is top notch and you’ll find that the app is highly responsive while chatting. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Marco Polo

    Joya CommunicationsCommunication Free Marco Polo is a great app to hold face-to-face video chats as well as group conversations. You’ll be able to share daily moments without much effort with the people you care about the most. Want to make sure you look awesome for your date? Ask your friend about your outfit by using this simple and fast app. It is one of those apps that doesn’t delete what you send and is able to store your videos on a server. If that’s the point of concern, then Marco Polo may not be for you. However, if you are sharing your baby’s first steps, you don’t want them to disappear forever. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    JusTalk Communication Free If you’re looking for app to just talk with your friends and family then JusTalk is a perfect FaceTime alternative on Android. You’ll be able to make great quality video calls over any connection without any restrictions. The app offers great interactivity during calls and makes them fun. You can play games, share photos, send stickers and even change video backgrounds during the voice call. This makes goofing around with friends a lot easier and exponentially more fun than other video calling apps for Android. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    Camshare IncCommunication Free While Camfrog is a competent video chatting app for Android, that’s not its main focus. This is a social video chatting app with thousands of chat rooms to join and meet people in. Sure, you can easily add friends and family as contacts and use its good quality video calls to chat, but the main draw are the chat rooms. One great thing about this app is that it’s available across platforms. So if you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or even Mac, the app will work equally well on all devices. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    HOLLACommunicationFree HOLLA is not a conventional video chatting app and it is definitely not for everyone. However, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to video chat with strangers, this is one of the best apps around to do so. The app allows you to meet new people via video chats and pairs you with strangers, so you can socialize and make new friends. We are including this in the app list only because of its fun nature and great video chat quality. If you’re looking to have a little bit of fun, this is the app you should get. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Closing Call:

While it’s a bummer that you cannot get FaceTime on Android, thankfully, there are great alternatives that you can use instead. If you’re just looking for a definitive app to video chat with friends and family we highly recommend Google Duo as it is stable, reliable, and works perfectly on almost any Android device.

Do you regularly use video chat apps? Do you really miss FaceTime since you moved on to better Android hardware? Tell us how you feel about video chatting apps on Android in the comments, we always love to hear your opinion.

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